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Welcome to The Twilight Saga for the Slightly Obsessed...        Here you will find obsessive information on Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight series, the Twilight saga on film and the fascinating universe of Twilight.

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--TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2008
We also have several announcements in store for today...
1. We apologize for the website "down-time." Apparently, the 'site hasn't been accessible for a while now, and we have finally fixed it. We're now back and up-and-running!
2. As you may have noticed above, we've added a Twilight Movie Countdown widget. Aside from the edit to the The Twilight Saga on Film page, that's it for the website updates, though.
3. But, speaking of website updates, you may have noticed that we have not yet posted any information/spoilers regarding Breaking Dawn, although it has been released for over two weeks already. The reason for this is because we need to gather all of the new character names and places mentioned in the book, along with updating the Breaking Dawn page, making our job very time-consuming. The other reason is that we would like to ensure that everyone has had a fair chance to read Breaking Dawn before we post this information on our website. So, these Breaking Dawn updates will not be posted before September 2nd, giving everyone a whole month to read the book, and us a whole month to re-read it for website tidbits.
4. Updates to the Calendar, The Lexicon, Fanfiction, Links, and Podcasts pages are all in the master plan of updates soon-to-come.

--Meagan and Jenah


--FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 2008
There are a few announcements in order today...
1. We would like to inform everyone that Joseph-Beth bookstores are having a release party for Breaking Dawn today from 10:00 PM to midnight. It's going to be a lot of fun, and they're even providing catering for all in attendance. There will be a ton of different areas/activities set up in honour of the different characters mentioned in the series. Also, there will be contests, discussions, a blood drive, and cool giveaways. The stores having parties are in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Lexington, Nashville, and Memphis. So, why not go check it out, and party it up?
2. As most of you Twilighters should already know, the release of Breaking Dawn is being held tonight at 10:00 PM to midnight at selected local bookstores in your area. The wait is nearly at a close, at long, long, last!
3. We have updated the Characters, Places, and Contact Us pages on our website.
4. Lastly, we would like to remind/inform you of our account on Twilight Archives.com (Meagan and Jenah); we are still very open to beta-reading any fanfiction that you would like to submit to us! Why not send us something?

That is the last of our announcements for today! Signing off!
--Meagan and Jenah